At Bowman Painting, we are proud to share the story of two individuals who have shown us that with determination, dedication, and hard work, those dreams can become a reality. Tim Lieffers and Robert Gianneschi who were recently promoted from the field to sales roles, have exemplified the spirit of growth within our company by transitioning into sales roles.

Cultivating Growth. 1

Tim began his journey with Bowman Painting in the field. His tireless efforts, strong work ethic, and willingness to take on challenges soon caught the eye of the management. Recognizing his potential, we decided to offer Tim an opportunity to transition into a sales role.

Cultivating Growth. 2

Promoted from the field last fall, Robert quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to our sales team. His dedication, knowledge, and passion for our industry made his transition look effortless.

The ease with which Robert moved from a field role to sales is a testament to the comprehensive training and guidance we provide at Bowman Painting.

The stories of Tim and Robert’s transitions from the field to sales roles are more than just personnel changes. They are shining examples of the growth and development that can be achieved within Bowman Painting. As a company, we are not just expanding our business; we are also cultivating the talents and aspirations of our employees.

Our commitment to employee growth and development sets us apart, and it’s a testament to our belief that the journey is just as important as the destination. As we continue to grow and succeed, we look forward to creating more opportunities for our employees to thrive within our organization.