Updating the color of your cabinets can be a wonderful, and quick, way to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, without getting too involved. Easily changing colors and the look of your cabinets can create a whole new vibe to the area. Depending on your individual style, you can go with lighter, calm tones for a more open look, or a darker color to add more depth to your space. Here are a few cabinet colors that are sure to be a hit in 2020:

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● Mixed Wood Tones:  Combining two color elements is making a comeback in the next decade. Consider painting your upper cabinets in a shade that matches your kitchen, while the bottom cabinets will have the paint to let the natural wood-grain shine. This concept gives your kitchen a sense of depth and warmth.

● Black: People have become more open to incorporating black into their design elements. It gives a sense of drama and intrigue to your kitchen. To help keep the room from looking too dark, pair the black with a bright white or light grey.

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● Sea Green: Sea green will lighten any room, giving your kitchen a serene feel. It looks its best when it’s paired with a white, beige, and even black.

● Wood Finish: If you love that feeling of natural wood, then stick with it! A simple cabinet stain is both classic and gorgeous. Plus, it is fairly simple to match any fixtures to various stain colors.  

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● Blue and Green: Blue and green is a fabulous color combination, however this year switch-up the typical brighter hues. Darker tones of the two will give a sense of comfort in your kitchen.

● Muted Shades: If you’re looking for a softer feel, stick to a navy, charcoal, a deep green, or even warm ivory. It will help transform your kitchen to have a more rustic vibe, with a unique twist.

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