November and December are packed with entertainment-packed holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year, is your home ready for guests?

Exterior Painting – The Wow Factor

The exterior of your home is the first thing your guests see, which is why taking advantage of late fall and early winter-time for exterior painting is crucial. Start by doing an entire walk around the house to check on problem spots with moss and rot, any damage that occurred during hurricane season, or discoloration from intense sunshine. A freshly painted door is a great way to say welcome! Another way to brighten up your exterior is to paint planters, window boxes, and other trims. Usually, these details go a long way to brightening your exterior and making your holiday decoration pop! Everyone loves to put their best foot forward during the holidays. Don’t miss out by denying your home exterior painting services from Bowman Painting!


If you’re feeling especially inspired, a full exterior paint job will surely get your home in the holiday spirit. Deck the halls with a cheery deep shade of red great for any style of home from Spanish to Cape Cod. Pine green is an unusual tone but works great as a full wall color or for accenting details. White is a classic wall color inside and out that allows for the rest of the home to shine and pairs with any accent color well. If you’re a snowbird missing the snow but not the temperatures, a cool slate blue is very reminiscent of a snowy December night. Whichever your choice, an experienced contractor can guarantee your home will look great.

Exterior Painting

Commercial Exterior Painting

The holidays can be a hectic time for businesses and certainly full of competition. Businesses are wise to invest in interior or exterior painting projects around the holidays. Repainting the inside or outside of a building revives the aesthetic appeal of a business, attracting more customers. Business is also slower for many painters during the holidays. An exterior paint job will protect your property’s surfaces from water and sun damage, debris, and more while revitalizing your business’ appearance. As everyone in business knows, first impressions are everything!