If you’ve had the misfortune of a recent fire, it’s important to get the right help when restoring your home. Repairing your home before fall is crucial to ensure you and your family will be warm and safe during wintertime, but what can fire and smoke restoration services do for you?

Fire and Smoke Restoration First Steps

You may not be allowed inside your property if an inspector deems it unsafe. However, if and once your home is cleared for habitation after the devastation, the real work begins. First, remove all destroyed property such as furniture, electronics, and decorations. Then, you are left with the task of cleaning up the walls to prevent the smoke and soot from becoming permanent stains. While it is possible to do fire and smoke restoration work on your own, it’s best left to experts since you’ll need safety gear, equipment, and a way to ventilate your home from the harsh vapors involved in the smoke cleaning process.

The Process

It’s important to first examine what kind of wall fixture you have. Drywall must be replaced if temperatures reached of exceeded 140 degrees, but it’s likely it won’t be salvageable due to drywall’s porous nature. Smoke infiltrates the drywall and can even reach your insulation, making the fire and smoke restoration process more complicated. Thankfully, the experts at Bowman Painting offer drywall patching and texturing services to get your home back to its old self faster. Thankfully, your drywall may be salvageable and our painters will get to cleaning right away. We use recommended products to reduce odors and have the equipment necessary to keep our staff and your family safe during trying times.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

After your drywall is ready, it’s time to get your walls looking great again. Washable wallpaper can be cleansed like painted walls, but it’s important to not wet through the paper. Another reason why it’s best to call the experts! We have the knowledge to choose the right paints – including fire and stain-resistant options.

Timely Fire And Smoke Restoration

It may not seem crucial but much like choosing the right time to clean your home, repairing your home as soon as possible is important.