From residential and commercial repaints to cabinet repainting, our expert team of craftsmen
at Bowman Painting can handle a plethora of projects that go beyond painting. We love being
able to help local homeowners and business owners with whatever projects they need
completed. Here are three services we provide at Bowman Painting that go beyond painting
and could become your next project.

Popcorn Removal

We are not referring to the go-to movie snack when talking about popcorn removal. For homes
with textured ceilings or walls, this texture is commonly referred to as “popcorn.” We call it this
because of the mess that comes with removing it. Letting a team of professionals handle it will
lead to less clean up in the long run and much more ease on your part. Once removed, you will
see an improved look and feel of the room.

Wallpaper Removal

For homes that have had their wallpaper up for a good chunk of time, why not give your walls a
breath of fresh air by removing them? With wallpaper removal, you can start fresh and
modernize your home with some new coats of paint (which our team will gladly handle for you).
As a bonus to removing your wallpaper, the results of your interior painting project will last
longer, saving you money in the long run.

Paint Disposal

According to an EPA study, roughly 69 million gallons of paint are thrown away each year. This
has led to not only Florida’s water supply being contaminated but also the environment as a
whole. Our team at Bowman Painting strives to keep the state’s natural resources and beautiful lands, so we train our employees to properly get rid of waste paint. Before throwing away unwanted paint on your own, get in touch with us today!

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