There is nothing wrong with DIY projects throughout the house, especially if you want to get the family involved. However, there’s a time when you need to take a step back and call a professional. Painting an entire house exterior, or even part of the house is a technical and potentially dangerous task if you don’t have the right equipment. Ultimately, you could be spending as much as double the cost of what our business can do for you, and it will take you even longer to finish the project. Here are five reasons why you should be giving us a call instead of doing it yourself:

1. The Right Skills: There’s a lot more to exterior painting than just adding a fresh coat of paint. Before that brand new color is applied, the surfaces need to be cleaned or pressure washed, mold & mildew needs to be removed, and new caulking needs to be added to the windows and cracks. The crew of Bowman Painting can recognize exactly what your home will need. We’ll be able to identify areas that might cause some trouble or troubleshoot problems that might arise quickly and efficiently. 

2. The Cost: It’s a myth that the DIY projects end up being less expensive than a professional job. The reality is that you will be unequipped to handle the full project. You will have to rent or buy the proper tools to paint the exterior successfully. Bowman Paintings has everything we will need from ladders, drop cloths, and paint brushes to pressure washers, cleaners, and much more. You’d be paying us for a fraction of the cost of the materials if you had to buy or rent them yourself. Because we purchase over $150,000 in paint per year, we get deep discounts you benefit from.

5 Reasons Why A Professional Should Paint Your Exterior 1
5 Reasons Why A Professional Should Paint Your Exterior 2

3. The Professional Results: This project is not for the faint-hearted, and you will unconsciously cut corners to get it done. Without prior knowledge, it will be time-consuming and complicated. You will troubleshoot as you go, which will take even more time to complete the project. As professionals, we can get the project done in a fraction of the time with much better results.

4. The Safety: When you’re thinking about the job, your main focus is what color you want the exterior to be and how much paint is needed. You’re not thinking about the fact that you’re going to be up on the roof, ladders, and sometimes scaffolding to get the job done. Even if you’re comfortable with the height, if you’re not on a ladder or at that kind of height regularly, you are risking an injury to yourself and others. At Bowman Painting, we have regular training to make sure every one of our crew stays up to date on safety procedures, rules, and regulations, not only for their safety but to make sure your home looks beautiful!

5. The Time Frame: Did you know that about 30% to 50% of the entire project is the prep work? The prep work is what makes the painting go smoothly and makes the paint job last longer. It’s also a part of the project that a DIYer might overlook. Our crew can get the prep work done fast, and if a problem comes up, we will be able to troubleshoot. You will be able to enjoy your gorgeous new color without lifting a finger.

5 Reasons Why A Professional Should Paint Your Exterior 3

If the thought of painting the outside of your home gives you a headache, we’re the medicine you need! We’ll provide a detailed written estimate custom to your home or business. Once we agree to terms, we require a signed contract and a ⅓ security deposit to get the work scheduled. After the work is complete, our crew leader will walk the project with you to be sure you are satisfied. Give Bowman Painting a call today! 386-566-5382