It’s finally October and for true autumn lovers, we know that fall is more than just reds, yellows, and oranges. This season, choose a look that’s great for the harvest holidays while also keeping it fresh the rest of the year!  Black walls are the hot new trend that keeps your home cozy while adding sophistication, transforming your home with a new, bold, chic style!

Tricorn Black – SW 6258

Using black is like crafting a story in your home. Tricorn Black, a perfect true-black shade that isn’t overwhelming is an easy way to add drama and excitement to your home. When painting with black, balance out the shade with white or bright neutral highlights in furniture, trim, paneling, and linens. This color works everywhere – siding, ceilings, walls, windows, and door frames. Pair with small pops of red, orange, and yellows for a classy look with plenty a fall flair.

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Black Fox – SW 7020

A deep black shade with warm, rich brown undertones, Black Fox is a great way to add a sleek, dramatic black color to your home. Use hints of beiges and greens for a cozy, earthy look with an added woodsy vibe. This color is great for both indoor and outdoor settings and will compliment any home, with the shock and awe factor that keeps on giving.

Urbane Bronze – SW 7048

The Sherwin Williams Color of 2021 may not outright look like a pure black tone but that doesn’t mean it packs less of a punch. Urbane Bronze is multifaceted in its shades depending on the lighting. Ranging from a deep brown perfect for exterior painting to iron black in interior settings, this shade is guaranteed to be as magical as the season!

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