It’s no secret that colors affect our moods. Although not fully understood, it’s generally accepted that the colors we choose to live around affect how we act, think, and feel. When choosing what shades to paint your home, it’s important to consider the feeling a color will give each space and create a balance. But what colors fit our attitudes?

Warm Colors

Warm undertones come in reds, oranges, yellows. These colors are great for large spaces if used in abundance and make great cozy spaces in small amounts. They’ll make large rooms seem more intimate and small rooms feel smaller. The color psychology of warm colors means love, passion, power, happiness, brightness, and warmth – conveying excitement and energy that can stimulate physical reactions such as increased heart rate and breathing.

red & black bedroom
How does color affect your mood

Cool Colors

On the other side of the color wheel, cool colors include purples, blues, and greens. Most cool colors are associated with calming effects and are good for making rooms seem larger and colder. Plan well in sunny, naturally bright rooms for more uplifting effects. Cool colors are often associated with productivity, calmness, stability, imagination, and luck. Deep greens and soft blues make great colors for spaces like libraries, studies, and reading nooks. Imagine a beautiful blue room on a rainy day, a cozy reading nook by a window, your favorite hot drink beside you, and a new book in your hands!

Reading The Room

Not every color is the same. Always consider your perception of colors before making a decision!

Independent of what color speaks to you, consider how you use the room you plan to paint. Sometimes it’s best to decorate with warm colors in a cool room to create balance and make a relaxing room not put you to sleep or make you sad – especially if that room is a home office.

Your paint should hold up for years to come and can have different effects once set on your wall; some paint can seem lighter or darker depending on the current wall’s color, time of day with the natural light, and any variation on the wall will make the paint seem off and uneven. Let the professional painters at Bowman Painting help ensure that your color is properly applied in the shade you want for the best results!