Bowman Painting recently partnered with Legacy House in Ormond Beach to repaint the home that houses aged-out foster girls. This home provides family bonds, housing, mentorship, and education to ensure they don’t fall victim to homelessness and sex trafficking. Through the Legacy House program, the young women are able to break the generational cycle and find hope and support for their future.

Seeing a need in our local community, Rich and Brandi Tidwell founded Legacy House to come alongside these young women. Their mission is to prevent youth homelessness and sex trafficking by providing free quality housing for at-risk aged-out foster youth. They have the vision to someday provide a home for every one of the 25,000 children aging out of care annually in the United States.

After founding their initial house here in Ormond Beach, they have partnered with other like-minded couples to start other homes. Through this national network, they will qualify for national grants in addition to the privately funded gifts they receive.

In addition to the network, they are starting Legacy Ranch, a hobby farm for young men who have also aged out of the foster care system. They have purchased land and are in the process of preparing the land to build a home and farm to teach the young men skills in farming and business.

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Did you know there’s an age-out crisis?

Homelessness Sex Trafficking Education
Every year 25,000 children age out of foster care in the United States. 20% are immediately homeless on their birthday. 50-90% of children who were victims of child sex trafficking had been involved with child welfare services (HHS, ACF, 2018). 48% of homeless youth between ages 18-23 performed paid sex acts simply because they lacked a safe place to stay (Covenant House NYC). There is less than a 3% chance of children who have aged out of foster care to earn a college degree at any point in their life.

How does Legacy help?

Housing Mentorship Education
Free quality housing in order to prevent homelessness, hunger, and trafficking. Life development skills such as relationship building, money management, and nutritional training in order to promote positive relationships, financial success, and physical wellbeing. State college enrollment and biblical studies in order to promote discipline, literacy, employment advantages, and spiritual growth when transitioning into adult life.

How can you help?

Time & Talent Treasure
Offer to volunteer your services to help maintain Legacy house or towards building Legacy ranch. Contact them for more information! Legacy is currently raising funds to build Legacy Ranch and maintain the ministry of Legacy House. Can you help?