2022 brings all kinds of new opportunities, so why not take the time to give your home a new, fresh coat of paint? We’re excited for the new painting trends of 2022 as a breath of relief in the new year and the promise of new opportunities!


Nostalgia alert! 2022 is headed to be a breath of fresh air, of bringing lightness and simplicity, the virtues of simple life into our homes and trends are reflecting just that. To brighten the new year we start with Sherwin-Williams Citrus (no.6906) bringing a happy yellow that’s reminiscent of youth and an exciting first day of school.

Interior Paint Trends of 2022 1

Next, we have Natural Choice (no.7011), a warm ivory color that’s the neutral we’ve all been hoping for when we get sick of boring old eggshell white. Do you want to live this year boldly instead? Fired Brick (no.6335) from Sherwin-Williams is the color for you. A bright red that pairs well with Natural Choice and gives your home museum quality majesty, this color will make a big impact!

Faded Naturals

Did 2021 have you stressed? Bring nature in with a soothing palette that’s sure to keep 2022 worry-free. First, we recommend the Sherwin Williams color of the year Evergreen Fog. Green is a big color this year and has been making a comeback, especially in backsplash, kitchen cabinets, doors colors, and more. Green has stood the test of time by remaining versatile and Evergreen Fog is no different. Secondly, we suggest Aleutian by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. This light indigo jean wash feels just as cozy as your favorite pair of pants, giving a sense of comfort and calmness, designed to simplify color selection for a coherent home design. This hue would be perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices, or a study.

Designating Space Function With Color

Open concept and recent years have scrambled the function of the rooms in a home. With new renovation trends of once again ‘closing’ up spaces with practical sliding doors for options or French doors, it’s important to consider color theory and the effect of color on our moods! Interior paint should reflect spaces for play, work, hobbies, and more, using the hues for inspiration. Choose colors that help you focus and reach a state of productive calm for workspaces and bright, joyful colors for playrooms. Hobbies can get tricky – if your hobby is yoga and relaxation, we recommend trending faded neutrals and nostalgic colors. If you’re an artist, choose a color that inspires you or a blank canvas!