Whether it is meeting someone new at an event or talking with a company you are thinking about hiring, a first impression is one thing you’ll always remember. The exterior of your building will make a similar impression with your clients. You would be amazed by how much a fresh coat of paint can engage potential clients. Regular maintenance will not only bring in new customers but keep regulars returning. If the outside of the building looks old and rundown, chances are no one will see the beautiful interior. The care and detail you show the exterior demonstrates the care and detail you will show them as well.

Here are four maintenance tips you can do to your commercial building:

Exterior Focus: Once a quarter have regular maintenance done. This may include minor touch-ups and various building repairs. Not only will this keep your business looking sharp, but it will save you money in the end from unexpected or compounding repairs.

Pressure Wash: Dirt, debris, pollen, and grime will inevitably get on the sides of the building. Pressure washing reduces the buildup, preventing mold and mildew from growing. It will also prevent the exterior paint from prematurely aging. Usually, pressure washing can be done once a year.

Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Building 1
Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Building 2

Make Maintenance a Priority: Inventing in your business’s maintenance now will save you a considerable amount of money in the future. Utilities, for example, and damage your building. If an A/C unit is leaking, for example, it can create water damage to your building or create rust running down the side of the building.

Parking Lot: Are your parking spaces properly lined? Has your parking lot been pressure washed to avoid slick patches from mildew?

Create a welcome and inviting experience for your clients from start to finish. At Bowman Painting, we understand how important your image is to your customers. Contact us today to give your business a fresh look!