A Homeowner’s Association, which is more commonly known as an HOA, is arguably one of the best organizations for the community. To those who don’t understand the in’s and out’s of an HOA, it can seem rather intrusive. The reality is that an HOA has many exceptional features that can not only save the homeowner money, but helps them keep after regular maintenance with the house, boost the selling price of the home, and more! The only thing the homeowner needs to worry about is a small monthly fee. What do those fees cover exactly? They cover things like lawn care, certain bills like water and gas, painting contractors, and more. When it comes to contractors, an HOA benefits greatly from sticking with one contractor to do as many tasks as possible. Why does having fewer contractors make such a difference? 

The Cost: Working with a new company each time means you might get one who just needs quick cash and doesn’t get the job done right. While the upfront fee of a regular company might be a little more expensive, you have to compare that cost to what materials they’re using, how long it will take them to do the job, the prep work, etc. You’ll find that a cheap bill equals cheap work that will have to get redone a lot sooner than a professional company.

We’re The HOA Dream: Why Bowman Painting Is Ideal For Your HOA! 1

Builds A Reputation: Working with a company over and over again building a trusting relationship not only with the HOA organization but the homeowners who are getting the work done. There’s a popular quote of “here today, here tomorrow” which means you can rely on that company to get each job done correctly and efficiently.

Reliable: When you contact a regular contractor, you can guarantee that with weather permitting, they’ll get the job done as soon as possible. Building that relationship also helps the contractor memorize each the HOA has for paint color, working hours, the proper materials, and more.

Community Involvement & Appreciation:
The whole point of an HOA is to create a sense of community. Hiring companies who value their community as much as you do is extremely important and can create a lasting bond. You’re taking care of your own people, not only the homeowners in the HOA but the company that’s regularly hired.

We’re The HOA Dream: Why Bowman Painting Is Ideal For Your HOA! 2

At Bowman Painting we understand just how important it is to have community involvement, reliability, building a reputation, and much more. Over the years we’ve worked with many HOA’s enjoying each and every one of the relationships we’ve built. We offer an array of services including:

Interior & exterior painting, Drywall patching & texturing, Ceiling repair, Faux finishing, Wallpaper removal, Pool deck coating, Epoxy coating & more!

When you hire our team, we work hand in hand with your HOA to make sure that each one of the requirements is met. Each one of your homeowners will have expert service no matter what the job entails, and we can offer you a great price each and every time we work together. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, and friendly contracting company contact us today!