Trendy, flexible, unique. Accent walls have been making a strong comeback with ideas like never before. What is an accent wall? A wall, either interior or exterior, that has a different color, design, shade, material, or texture from the walls around. Keeping a home neutral but looking for a way to liven up your home? Read on for our tips!


An accept wall, by definition, should POP. Don’t be scared of using bold reds, blues, and greens for your accent wall. If your rooms are largely white, gray, or cream colored, the color will help transform the space. Consider the aesthetic you’re going for first. A modern or mid century modern space? Bring back warm oranges and reds, pairing well with modern furniture both light and dark.

Making It Pop: The Do’s and Dont's of an Accent Wall 1


Paint isn’t just for concrete or drywall. Thinking about adding stone or brick? These materials can easily be painted or highlighted. A new trend is to make a ‘living’ wall, usually with fake plants such as moss or succulents. Also, don’t forget that wallpaper, when used in moderation, can also look amazing! Long gone are the days of full wall wallpaper rooms of the 70s and 80s, but that doesn’t mean wallpaper is completely on its way out.


Flat colors and patterns aren’t the only options. Consider adding a special mural or patterns to your wall. Geometric patterns are popular for modern spaces. Looking for something more rustic? Floral wallpaper or custom paint will do just fine. Bring tile into the living room with tasteful backsplash. Another storage maximizing idea? Add in some colorful built in shelving and upgrade your home with more than the traditional accent wall ideas!

Looking for these ideas and more? Get some inspiration from houzz and then call us at Bowman Painting! For any job big or small, we’ll give you accent walls to refresh your space and make your home your special space.