Pressure washing, repair, caulking, sealant, painting, and let’s not forget climbing and coming down tall ladders! Exterior painting is more of a process than interior painting and, despite the confidence of some amateur painters out there, exterior painting is best left to the pros. Why should you hire a pro?


Most people don’t have a pressure washer lying around, nor all the tools for proper sanding, caulking, and prepping a home. When it comes to painting you can’t skimp on the quality of paint in the hot Florida sunlight so it’s important to budget accordingly. You’re already spending the money, why not pay a little more and ensure your home gets painted right? This way you avoid surprises like having to repair rotten wood or making a mistake in technique that could devalue your home and ruin curb appeal.

Exterior Painting Trends of 2023


Exterior painting isn’t like interior painting where you can finish a room during a rainy day. Outdoor painting requires far more prep time and needs to align with the weather. Rainy day spells doom for your project, having to put everything on pause! You’re just one person, or one family. If you haven’t correctly taped off your home, you will have to redo the prep work or possibly cause water damage to your windows and doors from collecting water during a storm. A team of professionals can make a slow home painting job a quick and painless process.


A licensed professional is insured against damages or injuries that could happen on the job. An expert has the skills and experience to avoid harm, but can you afford a trip to the hospital from a painting accident on a tall ladder? If an accident arises at any point through the project, the painters are able to handle it.

Not convinced? Let our painters at Bowman Painting show you our quality work. Call today to schedule a consultation. We’re confident we can save you time and all the sweat and tears that come from exterior painting yourself when you let us do it for you!