It’s been a stressful year and a half, but don’t worry. We have the hottest (and coolest) paint trends for your interior design inspiration needs. Call up your friends at Bowman Painting with your inspiration ideas and let us get to work updating your home!

1. Moody Blue

A new trending color, this name comes from Sherwin Williams paints and works great for both walls and cabinets. Moody Blue brings a relaxing tone to any living room or kitchen, giving subtle rustic farmhouse tones and beauty vibes. This color will brighten out the room without being in your face and hurting your eyes.

2. Cayenne

More of a red-leaning than an orange terra-cotta color, this bold color works great for accent walls and pairs with earthy neutrals well. Used in a well lit room with white or cream highlights, this shade will bring the warmth into any room.

Top 5 Summer Color Trends of 2021 1

3. Fairfax Brown

Ground your home with this dark, earthy brown. Dark colors and environments work well with neutrals and pastel greens and blues. The richness of this dark color would be ideal for bedrooms, aiding in a good nights’ sleep or in bright, well lit living rooms.

4. Green, Green, Green!

Pastel, hunter, olive, military – Green is one of the more popular and versatile colors of the season. Depending on the decoration, green can be soft and light (with an olive green) or formal and sophisticated with an emerald green. Raise the status of a study, office, or personal library to impress on all those zoom calls.

5. The Gray Area

Gray has always been timeless. A base tone that’s ageless and pairs well with anything – soft, beautiful, elegant, and versatile. Gray allows you to put the pops of color on pillows, tables, flowers, and rugs, giving you the freedom to decorate and redecorate on a whim.

Looking for other inspirations and chic colors for the season? Bowman Painting offers exterior and interior painting with much, much more. Schedule an appointment today!