Memorial Day is a difficult time for many in our country. More than a three-day weekend, this is a time to remember not just those that gave some, but most importantly those that gave all. One of the key tenets of the military is cleanliness and tidiness; honor your loved ones with some home projects this month. Whether it’s a home of a loved one who’s fallen or helping a neighbor who’s served, here are some projects for the weekend and beyond.

Outdoor Cleaning

Pressure washing is a great way to get moss, blemishes, and dirt off a home’s outside. Whether the home has been sitting without an owner, has owners that are physically unable to clean themselves, or you’ll be welcoming home a family member from their long tours abroad, Bowman Painting can help you, a neighbor, or someone in your community who needs help with pressure washing services.

Ceiling Repair

A ceiling can be the symptom of a leaky roof and is dangerous to the health of those living inside. Broken ceilings invite in pests and illnesses from water damage. Black mold is especially problematic to the elderly, making it a priority in homes for elderly veterans that isn’t always dealt with urgency.


From interior to exterior painting, a good way to remember a loved one is to restore their home to its full glory. Do you remember the color of your grandfather’s home when you were young? Now is a great time to bring that color back. Is there a room in your home you’ve shared many memories in before your family member was deployed that has since been painted over? Finding a similar or matching color is not impossible.

Memorial Day

Bowman Painting is also here for you if you want to paint your home to celebrate the occasion. A variety of patriotic exterior paints in red, white, and blue shades is exactly what your home needs from now to 4th of July and beyond.