Did you just have your walls painted by Bowman Painting and you’re starting to redecorate your home? Let us help you with these great color palettes!


From kitchens to your home’s walls, greens are having their moment in interior design and Sherwin Williams was ready for the challenge. If you’re building a cozy living room or study with the Evergreen Fog (SW 9130, #96998C) 2022 color of the year, we recommend a great neutral anchor. Urbane Bronze (SW 7048, #4D4842) puts a sophisticated spin on darker neutrals. It also makes a great guide for metal colors! In this palette, both Urbane Bronze and the two colors to its left and right make them a great pick for small details like kitchen hardware metals, sink faucet styles, and more. We also recommend following the earthy brown tones for your woods and neutral highlights!

Home Decorating With 2022’s Top Color Palattes! 1


Clean neutrals with warm undertones help keep your house light and bright without feeling too much like a sterile hospital. While this trend aligns well with minimalist aesthetics and pairs well with rustic tones, we recommend getting out there and brightening up a room with a few pops of color! Imagine our color pallet with us if you will. You’ve just painted your home in the cool Shoji White (SW 7042, #EDE4DB), but what do you pair with such an iconic shade of white? The brown undertones of Shoji White means we suggest keeping it warm and vibrant. Use a lighter tone brown leather couch like #BC5F04 and decorate it with our two bright colors shown below! Whichever one you don’t use for pillows, we recommend using for small accents like flower pots, art, and more. Keep your metals cool in silver and your woods warm in darker shades than your centerpiece couch for a modern and engaging living room, office, or bedroom.

Home Decorating With 2022’s Top Color Palattes! 2


In our January blog, we highlighted nostalgic yellow hues like Sherwin Williams’ Citrus (SW 6906, #FFC401), now we’re going to show you how to style it. Imagine your brand new kitchen with light beige countertops and deep blue cabinets. A great way to show a vintage aesthetic with a modern twist. New stainless steel appliances, terra-cotta pots with lush plants, and a matching earthenware table setting, linens, and more!

Home Decorating With 2022’s Top Color Palattes! 3


Perfect for a bedroom or bathroom, Aleutian (SW 6241, #A1B8CD) is a soft blue that pairs well with light neutrals and browns. Choose from dark or very light-colored wood or tile to complement your new Aleutian walls. Black cabinets with white countertops give a relaxing beach aesthetic to any bathroom, while a dark upholstered bed will make the lighter colors pop. Now all that’s left to do is use the dark cerulean shades for linens, bath towels, and bedspreads.

Home Decorating With 2022’s Top Color Palattes! 4