The winter chill and rainy weather are finally slowing down and the sun is shining! That means it’s time for spring cleaning and spring painting. Start the new season with a fresh coat of paint!

Protecting Your Exterior

Winter weather, harsh winds, and temperature changes can cause quite a lot of wear and tear on your home. The constant battering of the elements slowly eats into your home’s exterior, peeling, blistering, flaking, and cracking paint. The sudden temperature changes in spring from the cold of winter and the blistering heat of summer takes its toll on walls from wood to cement, stucco to siding.

At Bowman Painting, we make sure that your home will be properly prepped for its new coat of paint! A new paint job will pressure wash dirt and mildew off your home, seal your walls, fill any cracks in your exterior, and seal your windows preventing any minor repairs from getting worse.

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A new paint job also seals your walls, helping prevent any minor repairs from getting worse. At Bowman Painting, we’re equipped for minor restoration and pressure washing, making sure that your walls will be properly prepped for its new coat of paint!

Spring Cleaning

In a season largely associated with airing out the home from winter’s chill and taking the time as a family to organize and clean, painting should be an addition to your spring greeting routine. By adding painting to the list of spring cleaning chores, your home will be ready for summer and you’ll free up your summer schedule. Not to mention, spring is one of the best times to schedule your painting appointment. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, meaning your home will thank you with a new paint job inside and out. Pair your newly painted exterior with brand new flowers and landscaping for great curb appeal!