The quality of paint plays a huge role in how well it will last over the years. Less expensive paint can be appealing financially. However, what those low-cost paint companies aren’t telling you is the quality of the paint is less as well. From pigment to resin, solvents to additives, when it comes to paint, you get what you pay for. Truth be told, if you skimp on the quality of your paint, then you’re really cheating yourself and paying more in the long run. Here are just some of the financial losses that may accompany cheaper paint:

● You’ll Use More: High-quality paints are filled with pigment, resin, solvents and additives that work together to create the perfect bond when applied correctly to the wall. It looks lush and gorgeous with one or two coats. Conversely, low-quality paints will take additional coats for similar coverage. Chances are after it’s dried, you’ll still notice streaks or patchy areas. In some cases, caulk lines will also seep through cheap paint.

Why Cheap Paint Will Cost You More 1

● Lasts Longer: No matter which low-cost brand you go with, you’ll need to repaint in about three years, some even less than that. These paints are not designed to hold up to Florida’s humidity and heat. You’ll notice peeling, fading, or other issues much faster than higher priced brands. Ultimately, higher priced brands will outlast those imitation brands by at least five years or more.

Why Cheap Paint Will Cost You More 2

● Best Value: It’s common to change paint colors more often to match the current trends or to freshen up an area. While this can be a reason to go with cheaper paint, you will still need more paint to properly cover a surface. Depending on the size of your project, you can need an additional can or two of paint.