So you’ve decided to liven up your home with a fresh coat of paint. At this point, you’ve probably checked out the painters around your area, and have started narrowing down your options. Before any contracts are signed and before any money is exchanged, there are a few questions you need to ask to make sure the painter is right for your job. Here is what we suggest you ask before sign any contract or pay for services:

Proof of Insurance? Accidents happen. A paint bucket can accidentally be knocked over spilling paint all over the place or an unfortunate injury can happen. The contractor and painter should have Liability Insurance that has a coverage of at least one million dollars and Worker’s Compensation to cover any issues that happen to the workers. Avoid contractors who cannot, or will not, provide their proof of insurance. There will be fewer headaches in the event an accident occurs.

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Which Painters Are On The Job? Opening your home to contractors can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know who is coming. Does your contractor require employees to wear a uniform? When the contractor starts the job they should introduce everyone to the homeowner, so there’s no confusion later on. Nothing is more unnerving than random people walking through a house without even knowing their name.

How Long Will It Take? Depending on which area of the house is being painted it could be a bit of an inconvenience. Furniture needs to be cleared out, and until the job is done that room can’t be used properly. It’s good to communicate how long a job will take so the homeowner can plan around it. The contractor can inform the homeowner of how many consecutive days the project can be worked on (if necessary), rain delays, or if they have to take a day or two in between. This also includes the time the project will be starting each morning and when it will end in the afternoon or evening.

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Where Will Supplies Be Stored? If a project needs to continue on for a few days where will the extra paint be stored? The contractor should inform the homeowner where the paint and supplies are stored such as if it needs to stay at the house or if the contractor is taking it with them. This also goes for supplies like ladders, brushes, pans, etc.

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